Northern VA, DC, MD and NJ.& FL

With Americas Top Leasing Professional,

Eddie Edwards G.R.I. Since 1985






  • 5 Star Rated on Yelp

  • 10 Year NVAR Award Winner!

  • Better than Commercial Websites

  • We represent you!

  • It's safer than meeting strangers

  • Professionally State Licensed Realtors.

  • Over 30 Years in business!

  • 100% 1 Day Placement 2019

  • Safe, Fast, Reliable, Communicative

  • Stop the online search madness! Call us right now. 703-624-5556

  • Houses, Townhomes, Condo's, Apartments, We love pets!

The Rental Housing Centers


"We are professionals who focus on Ethics,Client and Customer Service and rely on years of experience that no app can ever provide"


I have developed a "Team Concept Housing System".

"Our experience, your vision = accomplishing your housing goals!"


We specialize in two things. Renting your home or Finding a home.

We look forward to assisting you! We are 5 star rated on Yelp!

Eddie Edwards G.R.I. Founder, Realtor 

The Rental Housing Centers

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