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Rental Housing Guru in Northern VA


Eddie Edwards started out like most Realtors, trained to sell homes but he wanted to do something different so he created The Rental Housing Centers in 1985 with the idea of helping the public who needed not only sales but rental housing assistance. He grew his business to become the #1 leasing agent in Northern VA. Tops in Leasing Award Winner 10 times and averaged over 300 rental listings at any given time and helped thousands find rentals. He knows that the public is failing at finding homes online. They need experienced agents to help them all over the United States.

Eddie works with Century 21 New Millennium which is the #1 Century 21 Franchise in the World 5 years in a row! Join my referral network! It's free to join!

Eddie Edwards G.R.I.

About Eddie Edwards G.R.I

People Need Your Help

People need your help. They need an agent to help them now and in the future. The online experience is a failed experience in finding rental properties. Working with renters helps building your base of future business and referrals!

Join Free Right Now!

Area Needed Now

Areas We Need Now


Most major cities in the United States Needed right now.

The Details


We will advertise you for free. All leads will come from us directly to you. If any lead we send you rents a property in which you earn income, we simply ask for a small referral fee that YOU set. We can't make it any fairer than that!








The Details

People need Rental Assistance


People need real live humans to help assist them with the rental process all over the United States. I've owned since 1999 and get calls from all over the USA but I cannot help everyone. I only work in Northern VA and this is why I need agents just like you to join..Free! Read details next.


Why Join?

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Rentals easily broadens your base of business

You can use this database to refer business to other cities and in turn receive referral through out network,

The Rental Housing Centers will soon have contact Nationwide. Working with Realtor is far better than looking online.

Helping people with Rentals broadans your base of future business and more referrals.

-Eddie Edwards G.R.I.


Just send us your contact info and any questions you might have and we will email you a very brief questionnaire so we can understand where you work and what areas you cover. Have a photo ready to send us.


6641-A Old Dominion Dr IN Mclean, VA 22101

Feel Free to call me Directly!


Tel: 703-624-5556

Fax: 703-748-6154

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Call us! 703-624-5556

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